About Apex Corporation

Apex Corporation Pvt. Ltd is an organization of accomplished engineers, project managers and technical professionals that endeavor to take the most distinguished civil engineering and construction projects in Pakistan. The firm is fully equipped with all the core competencies and able to challenge any dynamic project from the ground breaking to completion in an effective manner. Apex Corporation is driven by innovation & “think out of the box” theory and we constantly strive to achieve excellence that leads to a successful project. We are deep-root committed in providing exceptional services to our clients that is mutually based on amicable working partnerships between both parties and consequently ensuring the client’s goals are reconciled. Our team comprises of efficient and virtuous employees who work tirelessly under every grave circumstance having all the technical equipment such as plant like mixer machine, vibrator pumps scaffolding and trench tool kit etc. required for daily operations. The experience of the Company is well over 13 years with the internal affairs governed by the Board of Directors who are all adroit professionals with sound business acumen. Apex Corporation has registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a construction firm with license No.5374

History & Philosophy of Apex Corporation

Apex Group was founded in 2005 with real estate business portfolio but soon diversified its operations by diving in the market segments of Construction, Land development and Media & Marketing. Apex Construction has lately begun a joint venture with Apex Corporation with the concept of shared principal values and precious experience.

Our expertise lie in the construction of commercial buildings, road networks, water supply & sewerage system, external electrification and Custom designed homes. There is a never ending list of subcontractors and trades associated with our company who strictly adhere to our values and standard of excellence.

We believe in delivering premium quality with on-point accuracy along with manifestation of discipline. Our Project management and execution theory is;

  • Develop a thorough timeline and resources chart to meet the client’s aim
  • Clearly Communicate with all the project stakeholders and eradicate any hindrance in communication channel
  • Track the project progress and fine-tune deviations
  • Closely monitor the flair and quality work done
  • Ensuring the project is organized and executed on time with zero default