Gold Package Sliver Package
Work Heads Description A+ Construction A Class
Gry Structure
Cement Maple Leaf Best Way/DG Cement
Sand Ravi/Chenab Ravi
Crush Margalla for RCC /Sargoodha (Plant) Sargodha (Plant)
Steel 60 Grade Model, Mughal 60 Grade Model
Bricks A+ (Special) A (Awal)
Roof Tile/Tasssu A+ (Special) A (Awal)
RCC Plint Beam yes (Earthquake-Resistant) NO
Geomembrane (Moisture Control) Foundation + Roof A+ A
All gray structure work done according to the actual engineering drawings approved by Society
Ceiling POP/gypsum POP/Gypsum
Bath Tiles Imported (Spanish + Turkish) @ upto 5000 Rs/smt Master Bedroom Spanish +Turkish @ 3500 to 4500. Rest Turkish + Spanish @ 2500 to 3000 Rs/smt
Bed Rooms/DR/TV.L/Tiles Spanish + Turkish @ 2500 to 3000 Rs/smt (24x24 & 36x36) Chinese Branded/ Master @2000 - 2500Rs/smt (24x24)
Side Passage/TerraceTuff tile upto 1500 Rs upto 1200 Rs
Windows upvc Imported Turkish (noise + weather proof) upvc Chinese or Aluminum /chawala (3mm)
Main Gate upto 80000 Rs upto 65000Rs
Main Entrance Door Solid Ash wood frame and inside(Canada) upto 110000 RS Solid Ash wood frame and inside (Canada) upto 85000 RS
Doors Solid Ash wood frame and solid inside (Canada) Soild Ash wood frame + semi sold inside
Door frame/chughaat Solid Ash wood (Canada) Solid Melamine (Canada)
Paint Jotun/ICI Master/Brighto
Wallpapers up to 7 Walls up to 5 Walls
Windows Glass 5mm /front windows Double Glazed All 5mm
Door Locks/Handle Imported @ upto 4000Rs Imported @ upto 3000
Main door lock Upto 10000 Rs Upto 7000 Rs
Spiral stairs/ backyard Iron Guage 16 Iron Guage 18
Stair Railing Iron/SS/Sold wood/Glass Rail Iron Rail/ SS
Heat Insulation Roofs Diamond Jambolan Tharmapore
Anti termite treatment Ability/FMC/Marflex (2 stage spray) Ability/FMC/Agenda (1 stage spray)
Hood & stoves 3 stoves & 3 Hoods / imported 3 stoves & 3 Hoods / imported + local branded
Kitchen Cabinets UV imported turkish/solid ash wood UV Chinese A class/ semi sold ash wood
Counter top Granite upto 1200 per sft Granite upto 1000 per sft
Cupboards Front UV imported(Turkish) /solid ash wood (Canada) UV Chinese A Class/ semi sold ash wood (Canada)
Cupboards boxes Compressed Laminated Sheet Compressed Laminated Sheet
Cupboards accessories Turkish + EU Chinese A Class
Fire Place 3 fire Place upto 25000 2 fire Place upto 20000
Electrical works
Electric conduts Popular (premium)/ Dedax Popular (Normal)
Cable Newage cable GM cable/Excel cable
Breaker + DB's (Enclosures) Schneider / Terasaki with IP55 class DB's Schneider with builtin DB's
Wall Lights Fancy lights imported (with price range) Fancy lights imported (with price range)
Ceiling lights SMD/LED German SMD Chinese branded
Chandelier 3 Chandelier @ upto 30000 Rs Each 3 Chandelier @ upto 20000 Rs Each
Outdoor & Gate Lights Upto 30000 water proof upto 20000
Ceiling/Exhaust Fans Royal Fans Lahore Fan
Switch Bords klipsal/orange/ imported brands TJ/chinese branded
PVC Pipes Popular (premium)/dedax Popular (Normal)
PPR Pipes Popular (premium)/master/dedax Popular (Normal)
Washrooms & kitchen Fitting
Commode + bowl portra/ imported branded @ upto 20000Rs ( wall hanging commodes in master bedrooms upto 30000RS) Porta/imported in master bedrooms upto 20000Rs & upto 15000Rs in other rooms
Washroom tap mixer Grohe/roca upto 10000RS Grohe /Rocka in master Bedrooms upto 10000 RS Grohe/Trend/ upto 7000RS for other rooms
Rain shower Grohe/roca feucit with branded rainshowers / master Bedroom with concealed shower Grohe / roca faucet in Master Bedrooms with branded rainshowers fitting rest trend/sonex/master
Vanity Corian(imported) top with Porta bowl + 3 imported vanities in Master Bedrooms high class Granite top with porta bowl / 2 imported vanities
Sinks + Tap Stainless Steel(SS) trend/grohe/branded/impoted @ upto 15000Rs Stainless Steel (SS) trend/grohe/imported @ upto 10000Rs
Estimated Price / Sq ft (All inclusive) 3490/sq ft 3120/sq ft